Flash Fiction Forum’s Line-up for May 10th

1.      Tarn Wilson, “Big Ben,” excerpt from upcoming book
2.      Carol Park, “Sticking It Out”
3.      James M. Hessler, “Hydrangea Viewing in Tokyo”
4.      C.K. Kramer, “The Scream”
5.      Lita Kurth, “Cat Doctor”
6.      Gina Mulligan, “Sub Night”
7.      Gary Owens, “Memorial Day”
8.      Anne Sconberg, “I am Not a List-Maker”
9.      Bob Dickerson, “Brainless” and “Crazy Horse Speaks”
10.   Anshu Johri, excerpt from “Rootless Tree”
11.   Jon Sindell, “Oxygen Tank,” published in Spelk

March 8th – Our spring reading series – come and listen!

Our Tentative Line-up for March 8th:
1.     Rick Morrison, “Swagga Stupid”
2.     Susannah Carlson, “Memento Mori” http://wokentoad.com/
3.     Leslie Hoffman – “Her Name Was Genia” has been published in The Rape Crisis Center of Las Vegas’ 2004 Anthology; Writer’s Bloc, a Las Vegas Valley Authors’ Showcase; and Needs of Women International’s 2014 Anthology.
4.     Deborah Kennedy, “New World” 
5.     Honor Rovai, “Ringmaster’s Assistant”
6.     Karie Stephens, “Profile”
7.     Allison Landa, “Recovered”
8.     Tania Martin, “Old Friends”
9.     Jade Bradbury, “The Limits”
10.  Michael Mohr, “Survival” www.michaelmohrwriter.com
11.  Keiko O’Leary, “Decisions of Great Pith and Moment” 
12.  Kate Geary, “Fuck Donald Trump”

A Fresh Brew of Stories for 2017!

Here’s our tentative line-up for January 11th, 7pm at Works Gallery, Downtown San Jose

1.     Leslie Hoffman, “Her Name was Genia,”published in The Rape Crisis Center of Las Vegas, 2004 Anthology
2.     Ann Hillesland, “Circle, Circle,” published in Monkey Bicycle, 2013, annhillesland.com
3.     Renée M. Schell, “Depressed has two S’s” 
4.     Amy Meier, “Mourning in America”
5.     Gary Singh, “Here,” published in Literary Juicehttp://www.literaryjuice.com/poet-tree-december-2013/4581526752 
6.     Alan L. Quale, novel excerpt, Replacements: Endless War and the Men Sent to Fight It
7.     Christine Richardson, “When Father Left” and “Beginners at the Séance”
8.     Robert Pesich, “Potholes” and “Signal to Noise”
9.     Lita Kurth, “My Filipina Name”
10.  Eva Glynn Smith, “Fourteen”
11.  Erin Redfern, “Part I”
12.  Al Preciado, “Tim, I Hardly Knew You”

Join our Lit Crawl in Los Gatos – October 9th from 3-5pm


As part of the Los Gatos – Listowel Writers Festival, the Flash Fiction Forum will hit the street of Los Gatos with a Lit Crawl!

3:00pm – Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company – featuring : 

  1. Kevin Sharp – Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
  2. Victoria Johnson – Broken Dreams
  3. Lita Kurth – How to be my Revolutionary Boy
  4. Pushpa McFarlane – Bring on the Harlequins

3:30pm – Carry Nation – featuring: 

  1. Susannah Carlson – The Whale’s Bargain
  2. Bob Dickerson (and Ina on banjo) – River Bird
  3. Caesar Kent – Weekend Work Program
  4. Parthenia Hicks

4:00pm – The Black Watch – featuring:

  1. Maria Judnick – Walking the Line
  2. Caroline Bracken – Five
  3. Keiko O’Leary – The Golden Beauty of Carlina Johansen, Author of Milliner’s Dreams
  4. Anthony Francis – One Day Your Strength Will Fail 

4:30 pm – C.B. Hannegan’s – featuring:

  1. C.K. Kramer – Kendra
  2. Jade Bradbury – Blam
  3. Beth Collison
  4. Tania Martin – Brut 33
Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company – 101 W Main St, Los Gatos
Carry Nation –  8 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos
The Black Watch – 141 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos
C.B. Hannegan’s – 208 Bachman Ave, Los Gatos

Anne & Mark’s Art Party 2016 – Spoken Word Lounge


Don’t miss our set at the Spoken Word Lounge! We’ve selected some fabulous flash pieces to entertain you. Here’s our tentative line-up:

Featuring: Kristen Chen, Caesar Kent, Lita Kurth, Allison Landa, Liz Nguyen, Tania Martin, Kate Palacio, Jon Sindell, Voung Vu, Amanda Williamsen, and Tarn Wilson.


Flash Fiction Forum’s 3rd Anniversary! It was something special!

August 17th Flash FictionForum

We had fabulous performances all around! Thanks to everyone who came out, especially the folks who traveled all the way from the East Bay on a Wednesday night. So glad we packed the house for you!

Allison Landa, “Common Ground”

Elizabeth Collison, “Washcloths,” excerpt from her novel, Some Other Town, Harper Perennial, 2015

Jade Bradbury, “BLAM!”

Tarn Wilson, “My Mother’s Psychic”

Bob Dickerson, “Animal Farm” and “Woodsman”

Byddi  Lee, “An Irish Fantasy Flash”

Colleen McKee “White Poodle” published in her collection, Nine Kinds of Wrong

Casey Bernasconi, “The Empty Backpack”

Anshu Johri “Green Walls”

Brenda Hammond, “Death Do Us Part”

Tania Martin, “Goat Girl”



May’s Forum Hit the Mark with Compelling and Imaginative Works

Version 2

Where else would you get: fighting robots, severed tongues, the art of Dressage, flying Vespas, unlikely friendships, magic mushrooms,  septuagenarian newly weds, Jennifer Lawrence’s leg cramp, a tweeker mom’s guide to laundry, back seat sex, and red leather pumps, all in one night? We had fabulous performances all around.

Authors and Works

Anthony Francis, “Solomon’s Baby”

Kevin Sharp, “Far Better It Is”

CK Kramer, “Dressage,” www.ckkramerwrites.com

Cynthia Patton, “First Friend,” CynthiaJPatton.com

Sally Ashton, Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Emerita, “Vespa Serial”

Bruce Gordon, “To Wrestle the Devil”

Lita Kurth, “Likely Story”

Craig Lore, “My Marathon Fantasy”

Anon., “Laundry,” read by Helena Martin

Caesar Kent, “Driver”

Nancy Devine, “Summer Sale”