A Fresh Brew of Stories for 2017!

Here’s our tentative line-up for January 11th, 7pm at Works Gallery, Downtown San Jose

1.     Leslie Hoffman, “Her Name was Genia,”published in The Rape Crisis Center of Las Vegas, 2004 Anthology
2.     Ann Hillesland, “Circle, Circle,” published in Monkey Bicycle, 2013, annhillesland.com
3.     Renée M. Schell, “Depressed has two S’s” 
4.     Amy Meier, “Mourning in America”
5.     Gary Singh, “Here,” published in Literary Juicehttp://www.literaryjuice.com/poet-tree-december-2013/4581526752 
6.     Alan L. Quale, novel excerpt, Replacements: Endless War and the Men Sent to Fight It
7.     Christine Richardson, “When Father Left” and “Beginners at the Séance”
8.     Robert Pesich, “Potholes” and “Signal to Noise”
9.     Lita Kurth, “My Filipina Name”
10.  Eva Glynn Smith, “Fourteen”
11.  Erin Redfern, “Part I”
12.  Al Preciado, “Tim, I Hardly Knew You”

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