Flash Fiction Forum’s 3rd Anniversary! It was something special!

August 17th Flash FictionForum

We had fabulous performances all around! Thanks to everyone who came out, especially the folks who traveled all the way from the East Bay on a Wednesday night. So glad we packed the house for you!

Allison Landa, “Common Ground”

Elizabeth Collison, “Washcloths,” excerpt from her novel, Some Other Town, Harper Perennial, 2015

Jade Bradbury, “BLAM!”

Tarn Wilson, “My Mother’s Psychic”

Bob Dickerson, “Animal Farm” and “Woodsman”

Byddi  Lee, “An Irish Fantasy Flash”

Colleen McKee “White Poodle” published in her collection, Nine Kinds of Wrong

Casey Bernasconi, “The Empty Backpack”

Anshu Johri “Green Walls”

Brenda Hammond, “Death Do Us Part”

Tania Martin, “Goat Girl”



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