Flash Fiction Forum’s Line-up for May 10th

1.      Tarn Wilson, “Big Ben,” excerpt from upcoming book
2.      Carol Park, “Sticking It Out”
3.      James M. Hessler, “Hydrangea Viewing in Tokyo”
4.      C.K. Kramer, “The Scream”
5.      Lita Kurth, “Cat Doctor”
6.      Gina Mulligan, “Sub Night”
7.      Gary Owens, “Memorial Day”
8.      Anne Sconberg, “I am Not a List-Maker”
9.      Bob Dickerson, “Brainless” and “Crazy Horse Speaks”
10.   Anshu Johri, excerpt from “Rootless Tree”
11.   Jon Sindell, “Oxygen Tank,” published in Spelk

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