January’s Forum Featured 12 Wonderful and Unique Short Works!

Bring it on 2018!  We started the year with a great group of writers and a super supportive audience.  It’s our recipe for putting on a stellar show!

January 10th  

Authors and Works:

  1. Erin Redfern, “Gertrude Stein—an Interview”
  2. Parthenia Hicks, “Target Practice” and “Bottle Trees”
  3. Bob Dickerson, “Motel Mash”
  4. Tania Martin, “Rites of Passage”
  5. Haoning Jiang, “Ingredients”
  6. Ilze Duarte, “Loretta Has Had Enough”
  7. Navira Grace, “Debate”
  8. Ruth Littmann Ashkenazi, “A Fate Worse Than Paperwork”
  9. Kim Amundson, “Sticks and Stones”
  10. Vuong Vu, “Every Ghost Story is a Love Story” and “Mermaid”

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