March 8th – Our spring reading series – come and listen!

Our Tentative Line-up for March 8th:
1.     Rick Morrison, “Swagga Stupid”
2.     Susannah Carlson, “Memento Mori”
3.     Leslie Hoffman – “Her Name Was Genia” has been published in The Rape Crisis Center of Las Vegas’ 2004 Anthology; Writer’s Bloc, a Las Vegas Valley Authors’ Showcase; and Needs of Women International’s 2014 Anthology.
4.     Deborah Kennedy, “New World” 
5.     Honor Rovai, “Ringmaster’s Assistant”
6.     Karie Stephens, “Profile”
7.     Allison Landa, “Recovered”
8.     Tania Martin, “Old Friends”
9.     Jade Bradbury, “The Limits”
10.  Michael Mohr, “Survival”
11.  Keiko O’Leary, “Decisions of Great Pith and Moment” 
12.  Kate Geary, “Fuck Donald Trump”

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