May’s Forum Hit the Mark with Compelling and Imaginative Works

Version 2

Where else would you get: fighting robots, severed tongues, the art of Dressage, flying Vespas, unlikely friendships, magic mushrooms,  septuagenarian newly weds, Jennifer Lawrence’s leg cramp, a tweeker mom’s guide to laundry, back seat sex, and red leather pumps, all in one night? We had fabulous performances all around.

Authors and Works

Anthony Francis, “Solomon’s Baby”

Kevin Sharp, “Far Better It Is”

CK Kramer, “Dressage,”

Cynthia Patton, “First Friend,”

Sally Ashton, Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Emerita, “Vespa Serial”

Bruce Gordon, “To Wrestle the Devil”

Lita Kurth, “Likely Story”

Craig Lore, “My Marathon Fantasy”

Anon., “Laundry,” read by Helena Martin

Caesar Kent, “Driver”

Nancy Devine, “Summer Sale”

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