Our Smoking Hot August Show!

Authors and Works

  1. Tania Martin, “Lucrezia’s Nature”
  2. Deiana Hristov, “Witching Hour Child Ghost”
  3. Direct from Cinequest: The Invasive Species (Starring Kimy Martinez, Nicole Alexander, & Alecia Parke) 1. Pass The Salt 2. I’m A Section 8 Valley Girl, and 3. Rules Broken
  4. Mike Karpa, “Make a Muscle”
  5. Anne Hillesland, “About My Mother,” published in Prick of the Spindle, 2011, and Wigleaf Top Fifty, 2012. annhillesland.com
  6. Suzy Huerta, “Mother Tongue”
  7. Erin Redfern, “Velveteria”
  8. Julia Halprin-Jackson, “Blossom” and “Maximum Capacity”
  9. Laura Diaz, “Roots”
  10. Mighty Mike McGee, “I’m not but if I were”
  11. Kevin Sharp, “His and Hers,” chapter from novel-in-progress





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