Flash Fiction Forum’s 3rd Anniversary! It was something special!

August 17th Flash FictionForum

We had fabulous performances all around! Thanks to everyone who came out, especially the folks who traveled all the way from the East Bay on a Wednesday night. So glad we packed the house for you!

Allison Landa, “Common Ground”

Elizabeth Collison, “Washcloths,” excerpt from her novel, Some Other Town, Harper Perennial, 2015

Jade Bradbury, “BLAM!”

Tarn Wilson, “My Mother’s Psychic”

Bob Dickerson, “Animal Farm” and “Woodsman”

Byddi  Lee, “An Irish Fantasy Flash”

Colleen McKee “White Poodle” published in her collection, Nine Kinds of Wrong

Casey Bernasconi, “The Empty Backpack”

Anshu Johri “Green Walls”

Brenda Hammond, “Death Do Us Part”

Tania Martin, “Goat Girl”



May’s Forum Hit the Mark with Compelling and Imaginative Works

Version 2

Where else would you get: fighting robots, severed tongues, the art of Dressage, flying Vespas, unlikely friendships, magic mushrooms,  septuagenarian newly weds, Jennifer Lawrence’s leg cramp, a tweeker mom’s guide to laundry, back seat sex, and red leather pumps, all in one night? We had fabulous performances all around.

Authors and Works

Anthony Francis, “Solomon’s Baby”

Kevin Sharp, “Far Better It Is”

CK Kramer, “Dressage,” www.ckkramerwrites.com

Cynthia Patton, “First Friend,” CynthiaJPatton.com

Sally Ashton, Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Emerita, “Vespa Serial”

Bruce Gordon, “To Wrestle the Devil”

Lita Kurth, “Likely Story”

Craig Lore, “My Marathon Fantasy”

Anon., “Laundry,” read by Helena Martin

Caesar Kent, “Driver”

Nancy Devine, “Summer Sale”

Don’t miss our upcoming Forum – May 18th!

Some of you may have noticed an anomaly for our May reading – we usually host this event the 2nd Wednesday of May – but due to an intriguing computer/human interaction exhibit at Work Gallery that will run past 7pm, we have moved our show to 3rd week of May – the 18th.

We hope you won’t miss this coming Flash Fiction Forum, which promises to bring new voices and memorable stories.

Our March 9th Lineup

Hey all,
here’s the lineup for our upcoming Flash Fiction Forum on Wednesday:

March 9th – 7 PM

  1. Renée M. Schell, “Boyhood”
  2. Susannah Carlson, “Keseburg, 1846,” published in Fine Linen, Jan. 2015
  3. Davis Chord, “The Woodcutter’s Reputation”
  4. Jade Bradbury, “Bluestockings”
  5. Liz Nguyen “To Train a Falcon”
  6. Vuong Vu, founder Perfume River Journal and Press, “Ghost Story”


  1. Allison Landa, “Dharma and the Kitchen Mouse” Allisonlanda.com
  2. Niki Knauer, “Vinny’s Car”
  3. Gayle Schultz, “The House”
  4. Tania Martin, “Clever Bear”
  5. Priya Thomas, “Aviary”
  6. Cammie Clark, “Audacity of You”

January 13th’s Fabulous Flashers!

Hi Flash Aficionados,

Thanks for bringing your great energy to January’s forum! Perfect way to start off the New Year. Also enjoyed sharing a beer with folks at Cafe Stritch before our gig. We truly had a remarkable show, so thanks to all our contributors and Works for being such a great space.

Authors & Works

Tarn Wilson, “How to Become a Teacher”

Jenn L. Smith, “Paper in Fire,” published in Panoplyzine, Winter 2015-16

Martha Kendall, “Full Cycle”

Becky Roberts, “Dick Power”

Lita Kurth, “The Revolutionary’s Brother”

Caesar Kent, “Potholes”

Anthony Montes, “The Fourteen-Dollar and Seventy-Six Cents Excuse”

Erin Redfern, “Gidget Buys an Igloo”

Dallas Woodburn, former Steinbeck Fellow, “A Grieving Tourist’s Guide to the City of Love”

Mike Karpa, “Walkeshwar Road,” an excerpt from Between Countries

Dave Denny, former Poet Laureate of Cupertino, “Washington Square Park,” and “Flight”


San Jose’s 1st Literary Pub Crawl a Rollicking Good Time!

We took to the streets in San Jose’s SOFA District, and loosened our tongues along the way with the poured, stirred and shaken beverages from Caffe Frascati, Cafe Stritch, The Continental Bar, and the Fountainhead Bar. Thanks to all our readers, hosts, and supporters who made the crawl a memorable event. Plans are in the works for taking future crawls to the next level – more publicity, crawl maps, and collaboration with other literary groups. Stay tuned!

Caffe Frascati 

Liz Nguyen – “Touch Me Barbie”

Lita Kurth – “And I Feel Fine”

Gary Singh – “Racetrack Massacre”

Cafe Stritch

Keiko O’Leary –  “The Ghost of Ice Cream”

Byddi Lee – “Molly at Parent Night”

Julia Halprin Jackson – “What We Write When We Write About Love”

The Continental Bar

Susannah Carlson – “Sweet Oblivion”

Caesar Kent – “Church Parking Lot”

Renée M. Schell – “Suburban Fantasy”

The Fountainhead Bar

Andrew MacRae – “Compline”

Kate Palacio – “LA Bad Ass

Pam Benjamin – “Vegan”

Tania Martin – “Tule Fog”


Literary Pub Crawl!

The Flash Fiction Forum is gearing up for our 1st Literary Pub Crawl in San Jose’s SOFA district!

Join us November 22nd – Sunday – Free parking!

Caffe Frascati -Gathering at 4:30- show starts at 5:30pm

Cafe Stritch – 6:00-6:30pm

The Continental- 6:40-7:10pm

(SOFA Market) The Fountain Head Bar 7:20pm-

Please have a designated driver!  Wear a trench coat!


October’s Fabulous Line-Up!


A big thanks to all the October Flashers! Your stories were fabulous, and the night highly entertaining! The Gun Show Art Instillation was a wild backdrop for our show. And lastly, thanks to Thinking Ink Press for bringing their great Instant Books along!

Authors and Works:

Claudia Monpere McIsaac, “Ocean”

Byddi Lee, “Mr. Slick”

Al Preciado, “Believing in the Virgin at the Best Western”

Tania Martin, “Doctor’s Orders”

Dennis Noren, “Mark Twain, Unsettled in Hartford”

Jennie Lin, Steinbeck Fellow, Excerpt from “Shuffle and Ride”

Ruth Littmann-Ashkenazi, “Session 3”

Parthenia M. Hicks, Excerpt from “Fire,”originally published in The Montserrat Review, Number Five

Amanda Williamsen, incoming Poet Laureate of Cupertino, “The Vegetarian Dreams of Bacon”

Candace Eros Diaz, Steinbeck Fellow, “Rapture”

C. Lee Meckenzie, “Unprepared”



Fedoras off to our August 12 Line Up!

We always aim for quality and diversity when we curate the Forum, and our August lineup hit the mark. Thanks to all the talented writers who read for us!

Caesar Kent, “Money Everywhere,” published (and prize winner) in Red Wheelbarrow

Valerie Fioravanti, “Distance,” published in Pindeldyboz

Keenan Flagg, “Heavyhanded”

Keiko O’Leary, “White Mice”

Anthony So, “The Shop”

Lita Kurth, “Life is a Mystery”

Maria Judnick, “Rick Steves Goes Offroading”

Kevin Arnold, “Interrogation” and “The Sad Case of the Drunken Turkish Sailor”

Casy Hsu, “The Nose Piercing”

Karie Stephens, “Grocery Run”

Sue Staats, “Mr. Misfit”

Kathleen Azevedo, “Prince of Eunuchs,” excerpt from the novel, The History of the Jews in Brazil