We had an outstanding band of writer’s for October’s Forum. The audience was buzzing with praise!

Flash Fiction Forum – October 11th

Authors and Work

  1. Laurie Doyle, “Lilacs and Formaldehyde,” excerpt from World Gone Missing laurieanndoyle.com
  2. Nancy Devine, “Wingspan”
  3. Lita Kurth, “SmartHouseCars (™)”
  4. Bill Cozzini, “Little Clam,” published in Spring Mother Tongue, 2017
  5. Deborah Kennedy, “DNA Rules”
  6. Allison Landa, “Bearded Lady,” excerpt from memoir, The Bearded Lady


  1. Tarn Wilson, “How to be Popular”
  2. Michael Mohr, “The Suburbs”
  3. Gina Mulligan, “Sub Night”
  4. Liz Nguyen, “Small Miracles”

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