What is Flash Fiction Forum?

The Flash Fiction Forum is a San Jose Event featuring flash fiction writers reading their work at WORKS gallery in downtown San Jose.

What is Flash Fiction?

Some call it short-short stories; some call it micro-fiction; some call it “sudden” fiction. In short, no more than two pages double-spaced (maybe a bit longer if most of it is dialogue).

But I’ve never written any flash fiction! How can I join in?

Have you written a narrative poem that doesn’t rhyme and could be written on the page like prose? Or maybe you’ve written an extended joke? A modern-day fable? What about a little anecdote that’s actually true but could be (possibly should be) passed off as fictional? Go for it.

Is this another Open Mic?

Indeed, no. Wonderful though Open Mics are, they do have some tendency towards overlap between audience and performers. Call us hubristic, but we are dreaming of an event that even non-participants would like to attend.

Will there be prizes?

Anything is possible. Most assuredly, there will be honor and glory. We can almost guarantee there will not be cash.

Is it Family Friendly?

Does your family curse a lot and occasionally discuss sex? Then, yes. Actually, it will run most of the gamut from PG to R. Nix on pornography and gratuitous violence. We anticipate most of our participants to be college-age and older.

Is there a Dress Code?

Anyone in a trenchcoat and fedora gets in free. As does everyone else.


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