2020 Flash Fiction! Here’s the Line-up from our January 8th Show


Sarah Kobrinsky, “The Bagel Shop”

Jon Sindell, “Von Schnitzness” published in The Pugilist of Venice, 2019

John Dorrance, “Winged T-Rex”, previously read on KQED

Linda Lappin, “Craving”

Jade Bradbury, “A River Cruise Like No Other”

Tania Martin, “Northland Challengers”

Abhirup Dutta, “The Sensitive Boy”, https://earlgreykick.com

Eve DeMarzo, “Fixing Herself”

Michelle Myers, “The Goat”

Monica McHenney, “The Round Up”

Juliette Kilgore, “Someone Else”

Bill Olsen reading, Kirby Wright’s “Ides of March”

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