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The idea for the forum emerged out of a local writers workshop in San Jose, CA where members routinely read their work aloud. We noticed that although the South Bay has a wealth of poetry reading events, there was not a regular spoken word venue for fiction.  If up to now, you’ve only written and published, but never read in public, we encourage you to join us. This platform allows the writers to get an immediate response to their work. Join us and expose your fiction!


Tania Martin (B.S. in Geology UC Davis) Tania teaches art to middle school students and is currently writing her first novel. She helps out at Narrative Magazine as a reader and she has been a contest judge for Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine. She has appeared in Peninsular Literary, Rolling Writer’s, San Jose’s Art Party, Well-Red, Weekend of Words Literary Festival, and is a regular reader at Flash Fiction Forum. Her work has been included in Play On Word’s performance series multiple times.

Her story “High Anxiety at the Zoo” is forthcoming in Catamaran Literary Magazine’s 2020, Winter Issue.

Lita A. Kurth  (MFA Rainier Writers Workshop) has published essays, poems, and short stories in eliipsis…literature and artTikkunCompositeArtsNewVerseNewsBlast Furnace, the Santa Clara ReviewVerbatim, Compose, the Exploratorium QuarterlyTattoo Highway, and Vermont Literary Review, and others. She regularly contributes toTikkun.org/tikkundailyTheReviewReview.net, and classism.org.
  • An excerpt of her novel appeared as a story, “Marius Martin, Proletarian,” in On the Clock: Contemporary Short Stories of Work (Bottom Dog Press).
  • A work of creative nonfiction, “Pivot,” appears in the 2012 University of Nebraska anthology, Becoming:What Makes a Woman and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
  • Her short story, “Lifetime TV Movie,” was a finalist for the 2012 Writers@Work contest.

Eva Smith Glynn is an Arts Representative and Advocate. She serves as media manager, event planner, and photographer for Flash Fiction Forum. She is a core member of newly formed San José Art Advocates dedicated to building public will for arts and serves on the board of the School of Visual Philosophy.


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