Flash Fiction Forum’s October Show – Flash At It’s Best!

October 9th, 2019

Authors and Works:

Rob Davidson, “Author’s Note” published in his collection, Spectators: Flash Fictions www.robdavidsononauther.net

Keiran Langer, Excerpt from her collection, “Big Beach”

Gary Singh, “Melody” https://www.garysingh.info/

Kristina Robertson, Excerpt from “The Day I Rescued Falkor”

Nancy Devine, “People Can You Hear It,” www.nancyevansdevine.weebly.com

Lita Kurth, “Fiction Writer’s Progress” https:/litakurth.weebly.com/

Julia Halprin-Jackson, “Carwash”

Heidi Eisips, “Mary Jan in the Holy Land”

Laura Nelson, “Conversations”

Karl Chan, “Watershed”

Tarn Wilson, “The Single Mother’s Guide: Take Baths”

Mike Karpa, Excerpt from “Do You Have a Plan?”



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