May’s Fabulous Flash

May 12th 2021
Authors & Works:

  1. James Roderick Burns, “Stealing Wignal,” forthcoming in the May 2021 edition of Button Eye Review.
  2. Shelagh Johnson, “Jump,” forthcoming in Lily Poetry Review.
  3. R.C. Ducantlin, “Down the Lane”
  4. Susan Nordmark, “Clown Nose” 
  5. J. M. Curet, “Flagged”
  1. Nils Peterson, “Finding the Right Word”
  2. Jason Schwartzman “The Person Who Will Change Your Life” 
  3. Claire Hawkins, “Country Life”
  4. Kim Amundson, “Blog Post Blood Sport”  
  5. Lita Kurth, “My Horoscope AKA Signs” forthcoming in Cobalt Review
  6. Lisa Rosenberg “The Fish Coasters” Website:
  7. Tom Herndon, “Mom”
  8. Rob Davidson, “Blackbirds at Dusk” from Spectators: Flash Fictions (Five Oaks, 2017). Website:

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