May’s Flash Fiction Forum Reading Series

Authors and Works

Claire Hawkins, “First Shift”

Lucy Greever, “Costco”

Lita Kurth, “Mrs. Swanson, Third Grade Teacher’

Aria Kowel, “Finding Dead Things and Other Unfortunate Ocean Events”

Mark Deem, “Anvil’s Ring”

Kim Johnson, “Despite the Temptation of Silence, I Have Flooded Your Answering Machine with Prayers”

Jean Znidarsic, a novel excerpt from, “Frangipani

Lisa Rosenburg, three related poems, “Message,” “From the Office of Government Security,” and “Space”

Maria Judnick, “Silicon Valley Barbie” *

Carol Park, “Natural Barbie”

Lorenz Dumuk, “Masculinity”

Dana Bainbridge, “Clergy Barbie” *

Michelle Myers, “Catholic Lefty Activist Barbie” *

Anne Sconberg, ” Marriage”

* Works from The Barbie’s That Never Were Series


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