October 10th Reading Series

Our October 10th show was riveting! The readings fluctuated from gut wrenching accounts of the heart to hilarious recollections of misfortune. Here’s the fabulous  line-up of our October 10th show:

1.     Tania Martin, “Apollo and Aphrodite Cut the Line”

2.     Kimy Martinez, “Before I Met My Mom”

3.     Ann Harleman “History for the First Time”

4.     Al Preciado, “The Insistence of Memory”

5.   Leslie Hoffman, “Hereafter Musings,” published in BellaOnline Literary Review, 2017 Spring Equinox Issue

5.     Donnelle C. McGee, excerpts from “Hey You” forthcoming from Unbound Content

6.     Deborah Kennedy, “Natural Revenge”

7.     Mike Karpa, “Chili Dog”

8.     Carol Park, “Round the Table”

9.    Claire Hawkins, “Percy Jones”

10.   Nancy Devine, “In the Beginning, There Was Risk”

11.   Susannah Carlson, “The Night You Remember”

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