Our 6th Year of Fabulous Flash!

Flash Fiction Forum Reading Series: August 21, 2019


Authors & Works:

Tania Martin, “Old Habits”

Kevin Arnold, “That Night In Palo Alto”

Marilyn Horn, “Christmas Card,” from her Last Letter’s collection published by Thinking Ink Press

Bill Kalogeros, “Ken’s Bootcamp Letter to Barbie”

Larry Hollist, “Hashtag Eleven Year Old”

José Gonzalez, “Throw,” published in 2019 Red Wheelbarrow

Elizabeth Cooney (read by Caitlyn Slavich), “No Crying on Market Street”

Collin Park, “Wednesday With Poppy”

Monica McHenney, “Octopus Interlude”

Dave Denny,  “All the Daughters of Song are Brought Low,” from his fiction collection, Sometimes Only the Sad Songs Will Do, coming out this Fall.

Bob Dickerson, “Hippies Need Money Too”

Ken Weisner, “Ranch Work,” and “All-You-Can -Eat,” from the collection Anything on Earth

Mel Carlson (read by daughter, Susannah Carlson), “Horse Piss”


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