Our March Reading Series – High Art In Uncertain Times

Our March Reading Series transpired in the mist of a health crisis with common sense and high art. Thanks to all those who came out for the show and conducted themselves in a mindful manner. We were greeted with lots of elbow bumps and jazz hands. Our readers put on a great show.

Authors and Works:

Rebekah Bloyd, “At Home, Sympathy for the Urban Chicken”

Barbara Anderson, “Sarah”

Lita Kurth, “What I Heard”

Christine Monihan, “Mother and Her Barbies”

Gary Singh, “Reunited in the Fourth House”

Tshaka Campbell, “Night Crawler”

Gur Rivlin, “West of Eden”

Caitlyn Slavich reading “The Envelope That Changed My Life,” by Sarah Hinkle

Adele Bihn, “Jesus Smokes”

Kim Johnson, “For Anyone Who is Afraid of Cotton Balls”


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