Our March Reading Series

Authors and Works:

Renee Jenkins-Schell, “Rape Victim Barbie

Marilyn Horn-Fahey, “Surfer”

Ilza Duarte, “Do Not Break the Rules”

Liz Nguyen, “A Basket on the Yangtze”

Kevin Arnold, “Shimko”

Dorothy Coover, “Still Life With Wife”

Tania, “While You Were Sleeping”

Jade Bradbury, “Time to Watch Your Back: Homewrecker Barbie”

Rob Davidson, “Hoover Dam” and “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” from Spectators: Flash Fictions, Five Oaks Press, 2018

Barbara Anderson, “Arrival”

Monica McHenny, : “Anticipation Stakes,” “Dry Lightning,” “Wear Flats,” and “Anticipation Waiting”

Kevin Sharp, “Coffins”

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