The Marvelous “13” of our March 10th Reading Series


  1. Mark Blickley, “Six Pounds of Sin,” published in Dream Streams: a collaboration with fine arts photographer Amy Bassin. 
  2. Cyn Nooney, “How to Treat a Minor”
  3. Monica Raymond, “Photographer”
  4. Tania Martin, “The Refrigerator”
  5. Karen Allen, “He Said, She Said”
  6. Len M. Ruth “Inferno.” Website:
  7. Julia Halprin-Jackson, “Six Stages of Office Doldrums”
  8. Anita Felicelli, an excerpt from “Time Invents Us” published in Alta’s Fall, 2020 Issue Website:
  9. Kevin Sharp, “Jasmine, February 14,” originally published on Everyday Fiction. Website:
  10. John Dorrance, “Lucy’s Descent”
  11. Leah Mueller – “Plunging Downward,” first published in Flash Fiction Magazine.
  12. Josef LeMoine, “Woman”
  13. Chella Courington, “Showtime,” published in Potato Soup Journal (August 12, 2020). Website:

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